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First steps with a screen

I haven't written anything for months ! But lots of things happened.

First, I made my first steps with the STM32 and the KaRadio communication through serial. It ran into lots of trouble regarding the Arduino Code, and the limitations of writing with Arduino only. In order to get it working, I used the existing code from Jean-Pierre Cocatrix (the creator of KaRadio) for his own STM32 with full LCD screen and IR remote. As I read it, I slowly started to understand that he used special functions from the FreeRTOS implementation for STM32, which allowed him to use timers to schedule multiple functions to be run in parallel. I though it was brilliant, and since I had problems with the serial buffer size with regular programmation (sorry not to give more information about this, there is some on Facebook but I desactivated my account some time ago), I ended up adapting Jean-Pierre's code to use the FreeRTOS implementation of scheduled tasks for the different tasks of my program. It …