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New functions for LCD and time !

It's been a while since I rewrote them, but I always forgot to post.

This article will be text-only. Sorry, but it will be about code, so I don't have a lot to show, except that "it works" just as shown in the previous vidéo. Go take a look at the previous article !

So, I had that problematic misconception of my previous screen functions. Remember, the whole problem was :
I wrote them as part of the LiquidCrystal_I2C library, which means I had to share my modified library, which is highly unpractical and dirty,I wrote them with delays everywhere, which stopped the whole microcontroller, and this is a huge pain in the ass because nothing looks okay. So the goal was to rewrite them as RTOS tasks, so they can be lauched "in parallel", or at least, they allow the microcontroller to do another task while in a waiting state.

The thing is, on my little 20x4 screen, space is limited. The main feature I wanted was a scrolling feature, like you would find in any seri…