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Some pictures of what I got

I found the radio fully working in a flea market for 2€. :)
The WeMos D1 mini costs 3€, the VS1053 8€ (but there are cheaper models).

From the original radio, I'll keep the two speakers. Although they're not the best ones you could dream of, they'll do the job for the moment. I may be able to re-use the buttons and rotary knobs (they work as spammers-buttons : each time you rotate a little, it's like a button is pushed). I'll get rid of the cramped screen, as I have a nice LCD 20x4 I2C screen waiting in a box.
But this pleather is so nice, and the size is just perfect ! Plus, there's quite some room inside.

Here's some pictures. I wasn't lying : it's really a kitchen table. I mean, in which other table would you put a tablecloth full of little cakes ? :D

Start of a blog - KaRadio Project

Hello everyone !

I decided to start a blog to keep a track of my electronics stuff I want to build.

I found the KaRadio Project, that aims to build a webradio - you know, the thing, not the stream. A real object that connects to the Wi-Fi and plays your favourite radios.

Some useful links :

KaRadio's GitHub : Hackaday Page : KaRadio Group on Facebook (very active !) :

As I tried a first prototype, I was really amazed what the main chip, the ESP8266, was capable of. So I decided to buy second-hand stuff in flea market to build a nice little webradio.

For the moment, I have my prototype working, but most of the work lies ahead : adding control through a second microcontroller (MCU for short), adding buttons, pushing everything into a case, adding energy support... heh, I'm hyped !

Nonetheless, I will have to wait a litt…